Everyone of us has had a serious health incident affect themselves, a family member or a close friend.   Quite often they are not prepared for this event.  We are happy to help out where we can when someone we know is affected in the forms of Go Fund Me Donations, making meals, taking care of kids. It often makes us reflect upon our own situations. Am I prepared if something were to happen to me?  What can I do to be prepared if something were to happen to me?   Here are few insurance options that can help you and your oved ones be protected if something were to happen to your or a family member.


1-    Life insurance- What is your number? How much insurance do you need?  Most of us have life insurance to cover off debts (mortgage, loans, etc.), but do you have enough to replace your income for a certain number of years so your family doesn’t have to struggle if something were to happen to you?


2-    Critical Illness insurance- With a person’s chance of getting cancer now almost 1 in 2 in their lifetime, CI insurance will pay out a lump sum amount that the insured can use for income replacement, savings, treatment elsewhere, or whatever they want.  You can even add return of premium so that when the policy is over and you never used it, you get all of your money back.   


3-    Critical Illness for Kids- This is a very hard concept for a lot of people.  They feel it is profiting off of their kids.  But if a child contracts a critical illness, this lump sum is paid out. This money can help take time off to care for the child while having this money as an income replacement.   Add return of premium, and if the insurance is not used when the child turns 25, you get all of your money back.  This can be given to the kids as a kick start to their young lives or keep it for yourself, whatever you choose.  


These are just a few options we have At Howe Harrell & Associates to plan for your families future. Call now for a review of your insurance of investment panning.