It used to be that only the ultra-wealthy created a Family Office to manage its wealth, an office where a family hired a specific group of professionals to manage its finances.  Their duties were tailored to the needs of the family for whom they worked and could have ranged from investing, business acquisition, philanthropy, accounting all the way to family governance.  Times change, ideas evolve. 

RRSP season has just finished and now we are on to our next endeavor: Speaking to clients about critical illness insurance before the product becomes more restrictive and increases in cost. Both items are scheduled to be addressed by insurance companies this year.

What is critical illness insurance? Who needs it? How much does it cost?                                                                

We have some pretty amazing people that we work with. They are the family down the street, the business owner who just went national, and the young self-employed tradesperson starting their first career role. They are everyone.

Discretion and confidentiality is the name of the game when it comes to financial services. You won't see us arms around clients who are top movers in Winnipeg, nor a promotional shot of us shaking hands with clients at the end of a meeting. That's not what we do.

What we do, and who we do it for?

Its not only important to consider instituting a pension plan for your employees, but to follow it through with educating them on the program as well. 

Advisor: Time for stiffer penalties for misconduct

It’s time for stiffer penalties for misconduct in the industry: that is the verdict of one financial advisor after new statistics were revealed showing that getting fired for misconduct often does not mean the end of an advisor’s career.

Reasons to consider your family budget in regards to prescriptions and additional health care costs. A well laid out budget, knowing what items are discretionary, and evaluating the need for an emergency fund and critical illness insurance are all conversations we have with our clients. 

Sean Harrell comments in Wealth Professional magazine on the current commission discussion in the Canadian marketplace.