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Aaron, the newest associate on our impressive advisor team brings a passion driven by a goals-based approach to financial planning. Leveraging his experience in a strategic business, financial and tech consulting, combined with the HHAA full suite of services, his approach begins with a comprehensive gap-analysis, of the current state or plan of his client's lives, and focuses on filling the identified needs in order to help his clients achieve their life goals. "A lot of people believe that a 'retirement plan' or 'investment plan' is a financial plan, however oftentimes, that's only a small fraction of one's entire financial pie. People need a comprehensive, strategic, and most of all adaptable plan to fit into their ever-changing life, and this extends far beyond just investments."

Aaron focuses on working with a diverse range of clients, however, he specializes in using the same agile and adaptable process for each one: Start with answering the one question "What does money mean to you?", and then build out a flexible, yet detailed framework to develop a full financial picture. He focuses on taking the complex world of investments and money management and presenting it in an easily-digestible manner, so that his clients, regardless of their financial experience and exposure, can easily understand how to use finance as a tool to achieve said goals. Aaron has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, with a double major focus on Finance, from the Asper School of Business. After graduating, Aaron spent a year living in Spain teaching English, and travelling in Europe.



Bachelor's of Commerce, Honours - Asper School of Business | Double Major Finance

Currently pursuing Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation



Aaron's passions include reading, personal development, cooking, watching sports, and playing/coaching baseball and squash.


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