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Howe Harrell & Associates offer a full range of life, disability, critical illness, and individual health and dental benefits. We’re able to help guide you through the process of determining the best fit for you.


Life insurance is often used to cover a liability, such as a mortgage, business loan or spouse’s income, should they pass. We review what is appropriate for each client’s circumstances.

Life insurance can also be used as part of a portfolio as an alternative investment solution, providing a client with another vehicle to reduce taxes. We educate our clients on having this unique asset class as part of their portfolio.

Critical Illness

Dealing with a life-threatening illness is hard. There’s the rollercoaster of emotions and an amazing amount of potential expenses for care. Not all of these costs are covered by provincial healthcare plans. Our financial security advisors help clients get the appropriate insurance for their specific situation.


We all have expenses. Whether you’re a one-or two-income household, it’s important to review the disability coverage your family has in place, should an illness or injury affect your ability to work. The financial security advisors at Howe Harrell & Associates work with leading disability insurance providers to design a plan that fits your needs, including standalone plans that cover the majority of the lost income or a plan that tops up what your employer provides.

Individual Health and Dental

For self-employed or newly retired individuals, health and dental benefits can help reduce the costs of expensive medications or treatments that are not covered through provincial health plans.

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