Financial education is your best investment.

We earn our clients’ trust through careful and thoughtful investment planning. Whether it’s mutual funds or segregated funds, we'll find the right solution for your personal portfolio. We do this using risk analysis, rebalancing and identification of new opportunities – on an ongoing and regular basis.

Retirement Planning

Whether you’re just starting to invest or about to retire, you need education, planning and discipline. The financial security advisors at Howe Harrell & Associates will guide you through all of life’s stages to help ensure you can reach your retirement goals. We provide our clients with detailed retirement forecasts that consider the full mix of assets, including employer sponsored plans, possible inheritances or the sale of real estate.

Corporate Investments

Building wealth doesn’t just happen within registered plans. Holding assets and investments within your corporation can be a prudent strategy to build wealth faster by reducing or deferring tax. We help educate clients with corporations on these opportunities.

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